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I created this Wikia site because I wanted to dedicate it to the Fan Fiction Author named Hollowfied Tweaker, who wrote Bleach/Claymore: The Yoma Hollowfications, as well as to hopefully encourage him to write a sequel to this wonderful story. I hope all who read this enjoy and possibly help contribute any information to expand and create a great Wikia site. Thank you.

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Plot: After the Winter War & his victory over Aizen, one night Ichigo is accidently transported to the Claymore universe while fighting a Menos Grande with his friends. While stranded there, Ichigo teams up with the beautiful Miria, to battle man-eating creatures known as Yoma mysteriously transformed by hollowfication as well as the malevolent evil growing within his soul. All while trying to return to his world. This story takes place between "The War in the North" and the "Seven Year Time Skip".

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